These are the awesome projects that are part of AOSSIE in 2019.


library of vote counting algorithms for democratic elections.
(Scala, Play)

Carbon Footprint

browser extensions, mobile apps and voice assistant apps to raise environmental awareness.
(Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular, Android, Node.js, Actions on Google, Alexa Skills.) The API is live at ,

Computational Philosophy

formalizations of philosophical theories and arguments towards computer-assisted metaphysics, as envisaged by Leibniz.
(Isabelle, TPTP THF)

Mind the Word

browser extensions and apps to learn new languages.
(Javascript, HTML, CSS, Angular)


automated theorem prover for predicate logic based on a first-order generalization of conflict-driven clause learning.
(Scala, Akka)


The famous Google Sky Maps!
(Android, JAVA, Kotlin, React-Native)


A cross platform mobile application that allows users to post and view incidents around them
(React-Native, Expo, Jest)

Social Street Smart

Shaping tomorrow's Internet with Artificial Intelligence
(Artificial Intelligence, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS)


These are the example tasks for Google Code-In 2019.

How to Apply

Follow the steps below to become a GSoC student in one of our projects.

  • Read

    Before You Start

    Read all the official GSoC documentation carefully. Read the FAQ. Familiarize yourself with the programme's timeline and do not miss deadlines.

  • Explore

    Choose a Project

    Visit the gitlab repositories of our projects and find a project that you like. To show your skills, contribute solutions to GSoC Puzzles listed in the issue tracker of the project you chose. Some projects may also contain a "" file with additional project specific GSoC instructions.

  • Write

    Expand an Idea

    You should choose one of the ideas suggested here and your proposal should expand that idea, giving details of how you plan to implement that idea. Use the provided proposal template.

  • Talk

    Use our Gitter Channel

    At any moment, if you have questions, just ask us. And remember: code more, communicate efficiently! We prefer Pull Requests to discussions.

  • Apply!


We gratefully enjoy free licenses to use the following tools and APIs in our open-source projects.

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