Applying for GSoC

How can you contribute?

* Name:
* Email:
* How many hours will you work per week?
* Other Commitments: (e.g. exams, projects, jobs, theses... How will you prevent them from affecting your GSoC performance?)
* Chosen Idea:
* Proposal Description: (it should be more detailed than the chosen idea's description, to ensure that you have understood it.)
* Timeline: (be concise and realistic) Week wise breakdown of the timeline
  - Community Bonding
  - Phase 1 Evaluation
  - Phase 2 Evaluation
  - Final Evaluation
* Why are you the best person to execute this proposal? (demonstrate that you satisfy the requirements for the chosen idea.)
* Contributions: (list and link any pull requests to your chosen project)
* For which projects have you worked? (For each project: write a few sentences describing what the project does; mention the programming languages used; describe your contributions; include a link to the project's code repository)
* Any Other Relevant Information: