Idea List

Social Street Smart

Last year our APIs were ported to AWS lambda making it easier to scale and deploy, but there is room for improvements and we invite creative ideas for ensuring the uptime of all our APIs. Improving our ML models is one other task that aspirants can work on. We are also open for new feature proposals mainly on the following tasks: Extending our work to other languages and Automated fact-checking of claims. From last year idea's list, one task is to port the News Origin API to the client-side removing server's dependence on Google Search API

Required Skills: Python, JavaScript, Machine Learning/DL, Natural Language Processing, DevOps

Mentors: Utsav Shukla(Gitter: @us241098), Pranav Goyanka(Gitter: @ad_6398_gitlab)

Carbon Footprint

Last year we pushed the android app into production with optimized performance but still, the iOS part is remaining. Let us just ship the iOS app to production with some trivial fixes. Also, the pipeline and Fastlane setup can be done this year.

Deliverables: iOS Application.

Required Skills: iOS development, CI/CD development

Mentors: Ritesh Agrawal

Agora Android

We are very close to going production. This year fixing trivia issues and making current features more stable is the goal and accept new features only if it doesn't block the release.

Deliverables: Android Application.

Required Skills: Android development, CI/CD development

Mentors: Ritesh Agrawal


Our current application uses MongoDB as the datasource Our current application uses MongoDB as the data source for the election ballots, we are planning to move away with the decentralize Datasource proposals possible candidates is a blockchain-based solution, it will make the application more robust and reliable. The focus of the idea is to build a minimum viable product using blockchain and Integrate it with our agora algorithm.

Required Skills - Scala and Blockchain fundamentals

Mentors: Thuvarakan(Gitter: @thuva4)


The current version of the app is made with Flutter but is mostly compatible with Android devices. We would want to upgrade and use the overall same codebase for the iOS app as well. Also, there would be the addition of new features, with the core features already in place. Make a section to share the travelled/visited/wished photos of users. This would make the app more usable and allow it to be social media for travellers. People can engage with other posts of travels and monuments, like/comment on them and share their own stories and travel photos as well.
- iOS and Android applications

Required Skills
* UI/UX design
* Swift
* Kotlin

Note: The candidates will be required to provide design mockups and prototypes of the application for this task.

Mentors: Jaideep Prasad

Peer-to-Peer Message Transfer

A messaging sending/relaying messages to nearby devices until the destination is reached, instead of relying on a central server. GPS positioning could be used to route messages along the shortest path. Right now, despite the use of end-to-end encryption, our best and most popular messaging apps still rely on central servers to intermediate the communication. This has disadvantages such as:
* Authorities can censor the use of the messaging application by targeting the operator of the servers.
* The operator of the servers can know who is talking to whom, even if it can't know exactly what they are talking about.
* A internet connection is needed to communicate with the server.
* A messaging app that enables peer-to-peer communication would be a very interesting app where the issues above are relevant.
The app will provide extra resilience, censorship resistance and privacy is, of course, communication efficiency. Messages would be transmitted more slowly. And, if there is not a path of users geographically between two users A and B to relay the message, a message from A to B might never arrive.
Mentors: Bruno, Thuvarakan